Transfer FTM to your MetaMask Wallet
As mentioned before, the FTM Token is the main currency in the network and is the way transactions are paid for -- converting currency, staking or depositing, withdrawing, all of this is in FTM.
Step 1. On BINANCE, go to the wallets tab at the bottom of the page.
Step 2. On the top tab, choose FUNDING.
Step 3. Select FTM (Fantom)
Step 4: Go to Metamask, and open your FANTOM OPERA WALLET.
Reiterating for safety purposes! Make sure you've already written down your seed phrase or 12-24 words in a secure ANALOG location. Do not screenshot, type on your notes or, keep somewhere in the cloud.
On Metamask, go to the main account page, and click on the COPY icon to copy the number under your wallet account name (It's that long thread of letters and numbers.)

Step 5: Go back to Binance and paste the address onto the withdrawal tab

Long press to paste the copied address from your MetaMask wallet account.

Step 6: Select Fantom Network from the choices presented and click CONFIRM

Step 7: Input the amount of FTM to transfer and click WITHDRAW.
Check your MetaMask wallet to see if your Fantom has made it to the other side. Welcome to the Fantom Network!
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