Decentralized Finance
While most of those in cryptocurrency are coin-holders (waiting for the coin to appreciate, usually a long play), or traders โ€” the typical โ€œbuy-low-sell-highโ€ guys, the 2|3omb protocol is a completely different world.

Welcome to true DeFi or decentralized finance

There are so many ways to define DeFi. But to put it simply, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to an ecosystem of what they call projects that work together inside a network. If you think cryptocurrency is volatile, DeFi is often referred to as the wild west of the crypto world.
Things move fast, and volatility is part of the package.
Volatility is not always bad!

Is volatility all that bad?

โ€‹Volatility gets a bad rap, but really, volatility could also be the reason why so many people in DeFi make a killing. Markets move fast, projects can skyrocket. Anything can happen in the world of DeFi.
Because Fantom has so much room for growth and is still undervalued, any growth Fantom experiences dramatically impacts those in the network, including the 2|3omb protocol. But what makes this different from just buying, holding, and trading cryptocurrency is the fact that you can earn โ€œinterestโ€ by staking or depositing your assets into a protocol for periods of time, and then re-compounding the interest you earned in order to earn an even bigger chunk of interest. Welcome to the world of what we call Yield Farming.
The downside is, anything can happen. Oh, but the upside? ANYTHING. CAN. HAPPEN.
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